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I am a self taught baker and cake maker and I love making wedding cakes! I am truly passionate about creating a beautiful centrepiece that will wow your guests on your wedding day. But not only do I want your cake to look incredible, I also want your guests to enjoy eating it, and so I have created a cake menu of delicious choices to tempt every tastebud.

People often ask me how I came to make cakes, and the answer is both from a love of baking and by accident! I have always baked cakes, for me baking was therapeutic and relaxing. I have memories of making and decorating a cake for my brother's birthday when he was 10, it was a snooker table! But it was really when I had my own boys that I dipped my toe into cake decorating and it grew arms and legs from there. 10 years later, I make cakes full time and have extended the kitchen in our home to accommodate all the cake making tools and displays!





To see all my wedding cakes, please take a look at my instagram and facebook pages:

I am based in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire but deliver wedding cakes across the Central Belt or wherever your wedding is!

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