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7 ways to mark your "should've been our wedding day" in Lockdown!

Life as we know it has changed. At least for now. We are working from home or maybe not working at all, queuing up at shops and standing 2m away from our neighbours and colleagues. All the fun events from the monthly catch-up with friends in the pub and date nights, to the bigger life affirming events such as weddings, baby showers, hen do's, etc now cancelled, postponed, rescheduled.

Yes, the pandemic is definitely life altering and anxiety inducing, but it's also okay to be sad and upset that your big day is not going ahead as planned. After all, some of you may have waited, planned and saved for years, to have the day you dreamed of, and now the rug has been pulled out from under you. So don't feel guilty for feeling down. When your day comes, have a wee cry and a moan but also look at fun ways to mark the day and make it special for each other. Here are some things my couples have done or are planning to do to make it memorable: 1. Plan a special meal together. Either cook together or get your favourite take-away delivered. Perhaps something reminiscent of the menu you had planned for your day? Or something completely different but special - an afternoon tea for 2 perhaps complete with bubbly?

2. Ask your cakemaker to make a small cake with some of the design elements of your planned cake. Pick your favourite flavour and have it all to yourselves! 3. Have a zoom call with all your wedding party. Get dressed up and make an occasion of it. Share stories of how you met and first impressions, give the best man some good material to add to his speech! 4. Hire your photographer to do a doorstep session. Get dressed up together and have a lockdown photo session on your doorstep. Definitely a picture for the covid time capsule! 5. Practice your first dance. Get the tunes on! Make a playlist and boogie the night away together.

6. Get your favourite drinks stocked and make cocktails! 7. Watch a favourite wedding themed movie together under the duvet. I love Four Weddings and a Funeral - you can't beat that silly opening! So, that's just a few suggestions to make it memorable, and fun, and remind you that love ain't cancelled! Your day will come and it will be all the more special for it.

Please add your suggestions. Let me know what your plans are or what you did to mark your day, I'd love to hear them!

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