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I'm Back!

After a couple of rocky weeks trying to set up a new facebook page, disconnecting instagram, and just generally having my time consumed by the facebook hacking debacle...Facebook, out of the blue, decides I actually haven't contravened their rules. I could have told them that <rolleye> It is somewhat of a relief, after all I have had my business page for over 10 years, so that's 10 years worth of (sometimes dubious, lol!) cakes, followers and customer base built, and messages. IT's been a big investment of my time and to have it just taken away was definitely a logistical problem. Thankfully Facebook saw sense and realised I wasn't a radicalised jihadi after all! It was just little ole me sharing photos of my family and my cakes - nothing to see here!! My biggest worry was all the messages going to the page that were left unanswered and people thinking I was ghosting them. It occurred to me that I had, in the past, sent messages to businesses that went unanswered. So, I made a point of looking up that business in instagram and on google and sure enough, they too had been hacked and had no access to their page. So, just a reminder to everyone to do a few seconds digging for alternative contact details for any unanswered messages on facebook or instagram - those business affected will be delighted to hear from you.

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