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Adapting to "new normal"

I'm not usually one to quote ancient Latin Scholars! But I think this quote is probably more relevant today as much as it ever was. Over the last year I had worked really hard to promote and develop the wedding side of my business, attending many wedding fairs to meet potential clients etc. And I was delighted that it had started to pay off with many more wedding enquiries and bookings coming in. This of course meant, that when an unforeseen event such as a pandemic happened, these events were the first to go sadly. Like everyone, those first few weeks were filled with anxiety and worry, but eventually I took a breath and gently asked on my Facebook page if there would be any interest in Afternoon Teas, an idea I had toyed with for a few weeks. Well, I have been blown away to the response to Afternoon Tea service!. It is all thanks to you lot! Every Saturday I've been out delivering these around Airdrie and Coatbridge and the response has been phenomenal! It has been a pleasure to do, as everyone has been so delighted with the product, but also the generosity of friends and family who have thought of them and booked them a surprise gift. So, yes, I've adapted. And I have you to thank for embracing it. So, thank you again to everyone for supporting my wee business throughout this time! You really have been amazing! Jennifer xx

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