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Wedding Planning in Lockdown!

Yes, it's still allowed! And, in fact, with access to social media etc, it actually never been easier.

While so many couples have had to made the difficult decision to postpone their weddings and reschedule, many couples, who were perhaps newly engaged earlier this year, or have been planning for a wedding in 2021 and beyond, are still wanting to get stuck in and be excited about their big day. And they should be. But it's hard too, just now. I get it.

So, how do you move forward with your wedding plans when you can't meet potential suppliers? When all the wedding venues have shut their doors? And all the wedding fairs you were so looking forward to attending with the Mums and Bridesmaids are cancelled? In some ways, it is easier than ever. We all have access to the internet and nearly all suppliers have some sort of social media presence or at the very least a website. So now is the time to do your research! Research the suppliers you like the look of. Make a shortlist. Think about what you need to know about them and just ask! As a supplier myself, I can tell you, that right now, I am delighted to receive a message in my inbox asking a question about my service. I want to be excited about your wedding too and I want to help you. Finding a list of suppliers for each category isn't so difficult either. There is practically a ready made list for you on the sites of all those wedding shows you were going to attend! And they will probably be local to you too, even better. Once you have made contact with the ones you are interested in and you have dropped them a message, you will be able to get a good idea whether they are a good fit for you when you start a conversation with them. So, please don't be hesitant - you are excited about your wedding and we don't want the current situation to take the sheen off that for you. So drop us a message, ask the questions, let us get excited for you and with you. Because we are! And we are waiting patiently for all this to be over too, so that we can get on with the jobs we love - each with our own contribution, to making your wedding day, the best day ever!

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