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My Facebook has been Hacked...

Not an April Fool's I'm afraid. At the moment I am unable to answer any messages that come to me through Facebook. The page is still visible so no doubt people will still think it is active. It is in the hands of Facebook to do whatever they do next, there is nothing I can do. In the meantime, please contact me through the website contact form, email me on or text/call/Whatsapp me on 07941 684 147. I don't know what purpose this sort of hacking serves. Is someone sitting gleefully in a room saying 'oh there's another small business person in a panic, mwah-ha-ha-ha-ah' like some kind of Dr Evil character? Next they'll be asking me for "1 million dollars"!! Fat Chance! Anyway, here we are. If I don't get to recover my personal page, I will have lost many treasured photos. If I don't get to recover my business page, I will lose 5.5k followers, lots of photos and potentially a bit of my good reputation. The latter would only be because people haven't tried the other avenues to contact me and have just assumed I am ghosting them on Facebook. So please, if any page hasn't got back to you and seems to have gone quiet, try another route to contact them. Like me, they may have gotten unlucky.

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