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Quarantine Cakes

Quarantine Cakes. Lockdown Bakes. Whatever we're calling this strange time plus some baking! Everyone seems to be going mad for baking just now. Or at least, they are buying a LOT of flour and giving the impression that they are all baking! But no doubt, you are probably seeing countless loaves of bread and banana loafs popping up on your newsfeeds this last few weeks. I know I have! I've been sharing some of my old well loved recipes for some of my favourite easy bakes on my facebook and instagram pages. Primarily I started this to keep the pages active, when I don't have a gallery of lovely wedding cakes etc to fill the space! But also to give people an easy to follow, tried and tested recipe, that their kids can join in with while we are all mostly at home.

While I've been doing these, I've been reminded how much I enjoy baking different things. I am often asked how I came to making cakes and my answer has always been "through a love of baking". Because I did fall into this by accident rather than design. Over the last few years, I have really only been baking sponge cakes. And when I have a chance to experiment, it is to find another great flavour combo to add to my cake menu! So, it's actually been a long while since I made any pancakes or scones or empire biscuits. Here are some photos my SM followers have sent me in of their bakes and treats. I am delighted everyone is enjoying them and hopefully introduce others to the joys of baking!

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